Bedstead is your home from home for all your bedroom furnishings and accessories, like a scene from Bedknobs and Broomsticks and a flying bedstead. We have metal bedsteads, leather bedsteads, iron bedsteads, brass bedsteads, como bedsteads, a range of wooden bedsteads including Oak bedsteads, all contemporary, modern, original in style and ready to match your decor with white leather, cast iron, Victorian and Ottoman bedsteads.

What Are Bedsteads And Which Style Bedstead Is Best?

Bedsteads are a term given to the base of a bed and the surrounding design, what most call a bed is a bedstead, usually a bed with a headboard and maybe a como at the foot also for storage or to place a television. There are a great many bedstead designs and styles are available to suit any bedroom size or decor and ready to become the centre piece.

Bedstead styles range from the luxurious all black leather bedsteads to Ottoman style high headboard fabric bedsteads. You’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to style, design and matching furnishings with today’s bedsteads designs. Oak, pine and Rubber wooden bedsteads are equally rivalled by Nickle finish urban bedsteads and cast iron bedsteads, each making your bedroom unique in their own way.

Single, Double And King Size Bedsteads

Bedsteads, like most beds, come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A customer can order a custom made bedstead, designed to your own dimensions, styles, colour and decorative tastes but at the same time they will have to plan for a custom made mattress or ensure the bedstead fits a regular size.

Most bedsteads come in normal bed and matress sizes, singles, doubles, King size and Queen size, Bedsteads can usually be assembled from parts and home assembly tends to be easy however other beds and bedstead bases are whole pieces and not split, making them more firm and stable, ensure any bedstead you buy will fit through the doors and up and winding old farm house stairs.

Bedsteads Design, Decor And Bedroom Furnishings And Furniture

Of course, bedsteads are only half the story. A bedroom encompasses much more than just a place to sleep but doubles as a place to rest and relax while using a laptop or reading a book. It is important that the bedstead matches the room’s decor, from curtains and blinds to carpet or wooden floor, matching the bedroom furniture also. has contemplated these issues and offer a range of bedroom furniture and bedroom furnishings to aid in designing a room around your chosen bedsteads, right down to the sheets, pillows and duvet covers and the mattress which will support your bedstead and your bodies for the coming years.


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