Euro Signature Latex Plus Pocket Memory Foam Mattress

Key Features 3cm Latex for superior support and comfort Lambs wool surface layer - increases comfort & provides natural temperature control 20cm Pocket Spring Unit consisting of 1000 individual pocket springs Quilted Premium Outlast Cover - machine washable at 40 degrees High level performance depth for support and comfort levels & pressure relief Support to the memory foam layer and added longevity Hypo allergenic and antibacterial Promotes a healthy sleep environment. Inhibits dust mite development Meets BS7177 UK fire regulations and manufactured in the UK 10 Years manufacturer’s warranty Product Description The Single Signature Latex Plus Pocket Memory Foam Mattress is unique – the only one that features the two natural fillings of wool and latex. Coming from the sap of rubber trees, latex has a distinctive resilience and durability and is anti-microbial, benefitting people with allergies. The pure new wool in this mattress naturally disperses heat and moisture, guaranteeing the sleeper a deeper more restful night. This hypo-allergenic non-turn mattress is 25 cm deep and designed to alleviate the symptoms of most allergy sufferers. It has a Outlast Quilted cover which is removable and easy to clean. Equivalent to the worlds leading memory foam brand at a fraction of the cost. Pocket spring mattresses are made with individual spring units (coils) rather than the orthopaedic interconnected ones. With the orthopaedic inner spring mattresses, the tops and bottoms of the coils are woven together like a web. This ensures additional support and makes the coils function as a single mesh like unit. The more springs there are in a coil mattress, the better it is able to support and adapt to contours of the human body and the differing shapes and masses of the torso and limbs. This kind of mattress provides firmness, but also controlled compression where needed. This mattress flexibility allows the mattress to respond to the precise shape, weight, size and sleeping patterns of any typical body during sleep. What is Outlast? The Outlast© technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. Today Outlast© brings comfort to the life of millions of people on earth and has been awarded with the prestigious seal of approval "Certified Space Technology™". With Outlast© you feel not too hot, not too cold – but just right. Outlast© Adaptive Comfort® materials will keep you more comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you create it. Or alternatively releasing it when you< need it most. The result: You stay warmer with less bulk and sweat less over a broad range of temperatures and activity levels. Outlast© products protect against overheating and reduce chill and shivering after exertion in cold surrounding or during inactivity. Based on your ideal skin temperature the patented Outlast© Thermocules® absorb excess heat when you overheat. This is returned to your body when your temperature drops. The result: Outlast© creates a comfort zone next to your body.



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Visco 3000 with vCOOL fabric Memory Foam Mattress (5ft Mattress, Regular)

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The Visco Therapy 3000 Foam Memory Mattress is made from unique upper layer of high density visco-elastic polymer gel. Originally designed for NASA missions, it is soft and pliable following the outline of your body perfectly. So comfortable, the mattress provides the best possible support to your spine allowing your body to immediately find the best sleeping position, reducing tossing and turning. Viscotherapy vCOOL fabric has been specially created for foam mattresses. Due to its permeable structure the fabric can regulate air passage and moisture transfer. During the summer, excess heat and moisture will be dissipated quickly from the mattress surface, giving a cool and fresh feeling. In the winter, the gap between the surfaces fill with warm air, creating an insulation layer against cold air. With the Visco 3000 with vCOOL fabric available in Regular and Firm comfort and with a soft, zip off cover, you are spoilt for choice. Specification 8cm Visco foam with reflex foam underneath 20cm thickness Velour fabric zip off cover Dry cleanable vCool fabric Available in regular and firm comfort Orthopedic mattress 5 Year warranty Made to British Standards/regulations Mattress Sizes 3ft (W90 x L190 cm) 4ft (W120 X 190cm) 4ft 6 (W135 x L190cm) 5ft (W150 x L200cm) 6ft (W180 X 200cm) This mattress is rolled and vacuum-packed, so please allow up to 12-24 hours to expand to its natural depth before use.



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