Storage Beds

Storage beds for children or for adults are the best solution when it comes to solving a shortage of space! If you find that your bedrooms are crammed full to bursting point with things that have no home and yet which are still in use, then it could be time to invest in a designer storage bed!

Types of storage bed

There are a number of types of storage bed available on the market today; one of the most basic and yet the most popular is definitely the under-bed drawer storage type. This type simply utilises the otherwise dead space beneath your bed with drawers, usually one or two on either side. Beds with drawers are available in any size from toddler right through to super king!

Another popular type are those which boast completely hollow interiors; this type lift up on hinges and allow for bedding or even shoes to be stowed away within the body of the bed itself.

Cabin beds

Cabin beds for adults or cabin beds for children…they’re all fantastic and can be very useful as far as providing extra space for work or study. Often cabin beds come with an integral desk or shelving and these make great mini-offices!

If you decide that you need a bed with extra storage, think about what it is that you need to store…if it is for a children’s room then a cabin bed can be an excellent idea especially for older children. Cabin beds often boast extra clothing rails which are invaluable for those children who love dressing up! Their outfits are easy for them to locate and to tidy up afterwards!

For adults, beds with under-bed storage are excellent; they allow clutter to be hidden from view and thus help to create a calm and relaxing environment for you to enjoy!


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